Vending Futures

Custom vending machines for your workspace, business, community space, library, school, hospital, music venue, DIY space, bookstore, arts organization, etc.

By Artist & Designer Quinlan Maggio
Based in Brooklyn, NY
Established in 2020

Guided Meditation Machine
The Guided Meditation Machine is a vending machine that provides users with a series of audio and visual guided meditations. Viewers can choose from three meditations via different colored labeled buttons, and listen to the audio via a dedicated set of headphones. Visually, a screensaver-like animation is projected from inside the machine, constantly changing color and shape, creating a rhythmic loop for the eye.

The meditations can be curated by the artist or selected by the host organization. Past meditations include: an exercise about work read by the artist, a grounding meditation for R.E.S.T. by Rashid Hughes, and a debt visualization by artist sgp.

Lending Library
Lending Library is a vending machine that displays and distributes books. By making a selection with the keypad on the righthand side of the machine, users are able to borrow/vend books and optionally return them via a book return slot. The books can be curated on specific themes by the artist or chosen by the host organization.

SAD Lamp
SAD Lamp is a light therapy installation housed within a vending machine. The term SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, also called winter depression. Sitting in front of a bright light of at least 10,000 lumens for 30 minutes a day is shown to decrease the effects of SAD as well and boost energy and serotonin. Viewers can turn the bright light on and off via the buttons on the righthand side of the machine.

The Karaoke Lounge is a vending machine transformed into a giant karaoke machine, complete with a speaker, microphone, tambourine, disco lights, and touchscreen song selector. Users can select a song from the touchscreen or sing along with a preselected playlist that is (optionally) constantly playing at a low volume. The preselected playlist can be curated by the artist or selected by the host organization.

Community Vending Machine 
The Community Vending Machine is a vending machine filled with free items. The items are suggested by the community of the host organization through an anonymous suggestion box.

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